Sunday, 20 May 2018

Sunday Stamps II A-Z 'N' Nobel Prize winners

Three Nobel Prize winners from 1911 appeared on these Swedish stamps issued on 10 December 1971.

Count Maurice Polidore Marie Bernard Maeterlinck
Nobel Prize in Literature
The Nobel Prize in Literature 1911 was awarded to Maurice Maeterlinck "in appreciation of his many-sided literary activities, and especially of his dramatic works, which are distinguished by a wealth of imagination and by a poetic fancy, which reveals, sometimes in the guise of a fairy tale, a deep inspiration, while in a mysterious way they appeal to the readers' own feelings and stimulate their imaginations".

Maeterlinck was born in Ghent, Belgium

Wilhelm Wien & Alivar Gullstrand
Wilhelm Wien, born in a part of Prussia that is now in Russia, was affiliated to Würzburg University in Germany when he won the Nobel Prize for Physics. During his career he submitted 24 nominations for a Nobel Prize and was nominated 9 times for the Physics Prize.

Alivar Gullstrand was Swedish and in 1911 was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. He was also a multi-nominee for Nobel Prizes including the one for Physics.

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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Thematic Photography - Red

You may, like me. have trouble in deciding what is really red - so here are some shades of red from our garden this morning.

Pieris - Mountain Fire
Azalea (on the left)
A wind-battered rhododendron
Battered it may be but not ready for a trip in a

40 year old barrow with a faded red wheel

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Sunday, 13 May 2018

Sunday Stamps II A-Z 'M': USA

Three from the USA this week in the order of which they were issued.

26 May 1937 - US Naval Academy Seal & Midshipmen

In addition to naval personnel the Academy also trains marines.

4 April 1948 - Mississippi sesquicentennial
The the territory of Mississippi was first organised in 1798 with Winthrop Sargent as its governor. It became the 20th state in 1817.

1 May 1969 - The Fourth of July
Anna May Robert (Grandma) Moses didn't begin painting until she was in her seventies. Her basic theme was scenes on American folklore.

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Sunday, 6 May 2018

Sunday Stamps II - A-Z ; 'L' Great Britain

I thought it was time I showed some stamps from Great Britain. 'L' has given me the opportunity to go back to 1963 with the 9th International Lifeboat Conference in Edinburgh.

Rescue at Sea
19th Century Lifeboat
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Monday, 30 April 2018

A-Z Challenge 2018 - British Rivers: 'Z'

I must be a dunce to think that I could find a British river beginning with 'Z'. But then I remembered that 'z' is the last letter of the alphabet - 

Bridge, Buckland Mill, Devon
 showing two of the arches across the River Duntz.

In 1986 the BBC Domesday project included this is part of the "View of Buckland Brewer."

"In our area we have two rivers called Yeo and Duntz. They have quite a lot of small streams joining them. The Duntz is quite narrow with pebbles at the bottom. The Duntz joins the River Yeo which joins the River Torridge. The valleys have gently sloping sides and level floors.

The bridges crossing over the Yeo and Duntz are stone."

To hide the scars from this years A-Z and to maintain the mill connection I discovered a west country stream that rises in Wiltshire and which flows north east for 8.1 miles before joining the Bristol Avon (you could say that that has brought us back from 'Z' to 'A'.)

Mill Lane, Colston runs alongside Gauze Brook
That's all folks!

Photo attributions:

  • Bridge, Buckland Mill: 16 February 2008 ex by Derek Harper - CC BY-SA 2.0 Licence
  • Mill Lane Colston: 24 January 2007  ex by Roger Comfort - CC BY-SA 2.0 Licence.

Sunday, 29 April 2018

Sunday Stamps II: A-Z 'K' Iceland Malawi Norway

50 years ago today Iceland issued a Europa stamp depicting a - 

Conférence européenne des administrations des postes et des télécommunications.

No translation needed for a pastime in Malawi,

Kayak Riding - 25 April 2014
And finally a Norwegian geologist who I know nothing about.

TR Kjerulf - 4 September 1974
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Saturday, 28 April 2018

A-Z Challenge 2018 - British Rivers: 'Y' Yare

In 1949 I was awarded a form prize at Stamford School. The book I chose was 'Coot Club' by Arthur Ransome. It is the story of Dick and Dorothea and their adventures in a yacht, the Titmouse, as they sailed down the River Yare in Norfolk.

The inside covers contain maps of the Norfolk Broads and the Northern and Southern Rivers which are navigable.

River Yare as it runs south from Norwich
You should be able to see the name Buckenham Ferry

Buckenham Ferry on the River Yare -
oil painting by Joseph Stannard (1797-1830)
River Yare by Buckenham Marshes
The Yare is a principal navigable waterway of the Norfolk Broads and flows into and out of Breydon Water.

The Yare's route to the from Reedham to Gorleston-on-Sea
View of Gorleston-on-Sea from South Denes
I've always been a little disappointed that this river which runs through Great Yarmouth is not called the River Yarm. (Yarm is the town on the North East River Tees -see my 'T' post) My visits to Yarmouth have either been on holiday or to catch a helicopter from North Denes heliport when going offshore.

Photo attributions:

  • Buckenham Ferry on the River Yare: Joseph Stannard 1826 painting - Yale Centre for British Art  - public domain
  • River Yare by Buckenham Marshes: 3 January 2009 ex by Hugh Venables - CC BY-SA 2.0 Licence
  • View of Gorleston-on-Sea across the River Yare: 13 February 2009  ex by Craig Tuck - CC BY-SA 2.0 Licence